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New Drawing- Today I have 1 drawing for everyone to enjoy, Another Steve Smith drawing featuring Barrys mom. I did this drawing in the artstyle of MadeFromLazers. I think it turned out really well and now in the slappyfrog universe Steve has enjoyed all of his friends moms.

Censorship- So a certain orange colored website I use to help fund various parts of my content has been going too the the extreme lately and has made me remove links to their site here on my website as well as my newgrounds and hentai foundry accounts. I absolutely hate the overreach they have done and believe it was completely unnecessary, but regardless I still have a account with them and you can still support me there. I want to remind you that I have a Subscribe Star account and they are much more accepting of my content then the "other" site is so if you ever want to help fund my work i would encourage you to do it through subscribe star, but if you can't the orange site that rhymes with batreon is still there. 





Sfan Collaboration Animation- Today I have a short animation I did with Sfan with Steve Smith spending time with alternate universe Meg and her friends. From what Sfan has told me the animation process was murder on his computer but I think it stilled turned out pretty good.


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