Welcome to SlappyFrog Colors!

Where I find old, unfinished, or

black & white images from the

internet and color them in for

your viewing pleasure!

All the content here is free to view and done out of the love of art.


2018- It's a new year and with that a new start. I have been hard at work making sure to get as much done this year than any other year. Last years back injury really destroyed any progress I was having but its healed now and I am trying catch up on a lot of late projects.

​New Pictures- These pictures are not necessarily new if you follow me on twitter or patreon, but they are new to the site, I really hope to have more frequent updates to the site this year. 

Updated Patreon Rewards- I updated a few things on my patreon page, added more reward tiers, a new goal, and filtered a lot of old yet still exclusive drawings so its easier to find. I hope you will check it out and support me as I tackle all of this years drawings.

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