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Raven Commission Drawing- Well this isn't a new drawing exactly, I posted this on all my social media sites a few weeks ago but I never uploaded it here. This was commission drawing I did of Raven because I had a very small window open to do commissions, I normally do not have time to do commissions due to all the other projects I am working on. Also, I tried to draw this in a similar way the artist ravenravenraven does his drawing, not sure if I captured his art-style in this drawing but either way it still turned out really nice!

New Gadget Drawing- Pretty sure I am late on the hype train when it comes to posting this but I had the idea to do this because of the massive backlash that happened over the 2022 rescue ranger movie and what they did to Gadget, I'll admit I never watched the show but even I was shocked when I heard the news so I figured I would do a good deed and draw something for those who have Gadget as their waifu and feel depressed about the movie. ALSO I did a podcast with AEhentai about the movie as well as other nerdy stuff that you can listen too right here


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update- omg it's really been 6 months since my last update on this site. Well even though the updates on this site have been slow I have been active on projects I just don't usually post the updates on my website which I need to do. social media really makes things more simpler than updating a website.

new cocotte drawing- This was not something I usually draw but I owed someone a favor so I went ahead and got it done. I said this before but I really hope to update this site more often, but if I slip up again be sure to check out my social media sites.

Join Discord- I have been the most active over on my discord server so If you want to contact me it is better for you now to contact me via discord instead of my old yahoo email and when you join the discord server you will see daily calendar updates on my progress.


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