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2 New Drawings- Today I have 2 interesting drawings for you all, if you are not a subscribe star supporter than these 2 drawings will be new to you. These 2 drawings were part of a dungeons & dragon game I play called dungeons & shota, I made these drawings to keep the game more interesting but as the game continued i was unable to keep up pumping out these drawings each session so i only made these 2. Another interesting part of these drawings is that I tried drawing them in the classic Pandora's Box art style since when it comes to shota art, that guy is a master. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the drawings!

Fixed Links Again- There were some more errors going on with some of the images on the site, I fixed the links again and hopefully this time i wont have to worry about that again.





New Teen Titans Video- Wow it has been a while since I updated the site, Lot of life problems just getting in the way of me and my drawing but finally a update with a new long awaited xxx parody video! I think both AEhentais animation and my drawing skills have really improved and it shows in this latest video. I hope you all enjoy it, spread it around, and continue to support our work.


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