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Where you can find just about every lewd drawing I have ever made. I hope you enjoy yourself here and come by often.

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New Animation!- Today AEhentai and I have a special animated short for you all, A Elastigirl loop with sound that has been in the works for a while. Check it out and spread it around!

New Patreon Exclusive- Finally A new patreon exclusive drawing for those of you who want that extra content. A really good take on Princess peach.






Still working- I have been working on the new exclusive drawings this month so that's why there has not been much content from me lately, I managed to finish the scenes to a XXX video parody last month so its pretty official that AEhentai and I will have a new video out for you all this year.

     I believe come March I should be back to dropping regular content on this site again.

Princess Peach Drawing- Last month I did a livestream with AEhentai and during that time I drew this quick and simple drawing of princess peach, Its not much but I hope you all like it anyway.