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New Princess Bubblegum Drawing- I did this as bit of a tribute to the show for those of you who watched adventure time, I never watched it myself but i know there are a lot of you guys who like yourselves some bubblegum booty. I hope you guys enjoy

October Comic Exclusive - This months exclusive is Queen Tyr'ahnee. I like the way it turned out and to really help spice up the hotness i made it into a 1 page comic. I hope you guys will check it out and give feedback on what you think of it.

SlappyVlog Live 3 - I have a short and sweet drawing of Zoey and me, I hope to draw more Zoey soon. I finished this drawing on a livestream with AEhentai so If anyone is interested in listening to me and AEhentai talk about random stuff you can check out the video over on the video tab under comedy vlosgs.






NoZIMber- In order of honoring the late Julius Zimmerman who passed away last year i want to keep him remembered by remastering 2 of his classic drawings every November in a thing I like to call NoZIMber. Today I have 1 finished for you guys to enjoy and I will have another one finished in the coming weeks. 

November Exclusive- This months exclusive drawing is of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, I really packed a lot of stuff into 1 drawing and I hope you guys will check it out. This year of exclusive drawings has been really successful and I hope next year lot of drawings will be even better.


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