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Dexters Mom Exclusive - Small update today, The new monthly exclusive is out for 15$ tier and up on any of the 3 membership sites. I tried to mimic that DLT or grigori type of art style where its very close to the shows accuracy. It's very simple and easy but still complex and beautiful at the same time.


I have 3 membership services you

can use to help support my work. One of them I can not mention but its logo looks like a bean.





New Raven Drawing- This year I am trying something new which is monthly drawings! Every month I will post a new drawing for everyone to enjoy, I draw them 1 month in advance and for 5$ on any of my membership sites you can see a new drawing a month early before everyone else. Now everyone is happy.

New Exclusive Drawings- I have not updated the site in a while but I have kept up with my monthly exclusive drawings, I have drawn Juri & Mileena, Roxanne Wolf, and Madeline Fenton since my last site update. You can view all those for 15$ on my membership sites.

Im On TikTok Now- Yes I am now on TikTok posting speed paints to some of my drawings, nothing fancy I just figured why not?

Welcome to SlappyFrog Colors!

Where you can find just about every lewd drawing I have ever made. I hope you enjoy yourself here and come by often.

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