Milf Party Pages 9 and 10- The last pages to milf party are finally out for everyone to see, I noticed that there were some problems with the size of the pages getting shared so I went ahead and provided a download link to milf party so not only will you be able to get all 10 pages at their actual size but you can now get the pages without the scripts so you can focus on the images only. 

​     Please do me a favor and spread milf party around, Let people know this comic exist! I love searching the internet and stumbling upon my drawings, It means I am doing something right!

What's Next? - Now that Milf Party is done I hope to work on a new video with AEhentai very soon. there will be other smaller projects every here and there but the main focus will be the next XXX video. Be sure to keep an eye out on our tumblr and patreon accounts for more updates about that.

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