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New DBZ Drawing- "Wow a new update within 1 month from the last?! SlappyFrog is spoiling us!" (joke) Today I have a new drawing of Chichi and Trunks! This was a unexpected commission that I hope you all enjoy, I really like how this turned out.

Castle Crossover! - To those of you who may still not know what Castle Crossover is, It is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I am going to livestream over on Dlive, It will have a lot of NSFW drawings for you all to enjoy and the first official game will finally start on October 27th. You can click the link I have on the right side of this for more info.


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New Pandora's Box Coloring! -  I wanted to go back to my roots and do what I did back when I first got into NSFW drawings and that was coloring in Pandora's Box drawings, He is a master at his skills and was a inspiration to me drawing to this day, I hope to color more classic black and white drawings of his in the future.


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