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Finally another update- Happy America day! I don't know why I rarely update this site but whatever here is a new one anyway! Keep an eye on my patreon and tumblr to see more frequent updates from me.

Minor Site Changes- I looked over some old things on the site that needed to be updated like removing the patreaon exclusive page and adding some pictures I posted on Tumblr, nothing to big just keeping the site up to date.

Milf Party Page 5 And 6- Milf Party Pages 5 and 6 out now, just 4 pages left. If you cant wait for the other pages to come out you can still see pages 7-9 right now for 5$ patreon supporters.

     Just a heads up if you think the texts in the pages are too small even when you zoom in you can right click the image to view the image and it will blow up a little larger for its accurate file size.

Welcome to SlappyFrog Colors!

Where I find old, unfinished, or

black & white images from the

internet and color them in for

your viewing pleasure!

All the content here is free to view and done out of the love of art.