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Fixed Broken Links- I noticed some of the images on the site were not working and I managed to fix what I could. Sadly there was 1 drawing I could not recover and I do not have the drawing myself so the dead link was removed. I have no idea what caused the links to break like that and I hope such a odd glitch never happens again. Remember there are ways to contact me so if you ever notice any problems or dead links on the site please let me know.

SubscribeStar- I made the smart decision to make a SubscribeStar account, With patreon making more vague rules that they themselves do not follow it is too risky to rely on them so much. So now I have made a new way for you to support me. If you decide to support me on SubscribeStar you will still get all the same perks you get on Patreon but with a added bonus of seeing some NSFW content that Patreon wont allow me to post. I have posted 3 drawings there already.

SlappyVlog 4- I did another livestream with AEhentai last month and I posted the SFW version of it on youtube, you can check it out and listen to the interesting things we talk about.





Updates Soon- It's always odd to say serious things on April fools day but This is not a prank, just a update that happens to be on April 1st. Anyway I know it has been over a month since I updated the site with anything but I just want to let all of you know that A lot of the stuff I have been backed up on is finished so you can expect more regular updates from now until the foreseeable future.

3 Patreon Exclusives- To any of you guys out of the loop I have been keeping up on my patreon exclusive drawings, January, February, and March exclusives are up for anyone interested in checking those out. The April Patreon exclusive will be out soon this month as well and maybe some more news to come with that.


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Where you can find just about every lewd drawing I have ever made. I hope you enjoy yourself here and come by often.