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New Drawings- I hope you like your women extra THICC because I have a new drawing of Meg Griffin in a very juicy art style, I tried to go with something similar to Aeolus with it. You can check out both the cum and no cum versions along with white and black male versions.

     For those of you who want some extra content I have a new exclusive drawing of Summer Smith, with that one I tried a kotaotake art style. Its not 100% accurate but I like the way it came out anyway. I hope you enjoy the drawings and with any luck you might get another drawing some time this month so be sure to check back in real soon.




Welcome to SlappyFrog Colors!

Where you can find just about every lewd drawing I have ever made. I hope you enjoy yourself here and come by often. You can support the website by disabling adblock and I welcome any feedback you may have.



Random Stuff- This is a small update but one i think you might enjoy, So as I said in my last update patreon has a "no more steve smith" rule they put on me as well as anyone else who might be too young for patreons ToS. So a lot of my old patreon content had to get removed. This is why I am going to just go ahead and post them here for the public. It isnt much but its still something.

     Simsex page - litterally just a one off, I briefly thought about doing this comic years ago but decided not to for some reason, this is the only page i did.

     batman beyond extra panel - just a extra panel of a random page with posion ivy, I didnt think it looked all that good so I never released the extra panel to the public

    lust of pandora extra panels- just 2 test panels I made to test how the quality of the comic would have looked like had I worked on the comic.

sadly there were some more private content I had to remove from patreon but I forgot to save them and I do not have a back up so those are gone forever. :(