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Follow Me- To anyone who still may not know yet Tumblr is banning all NSFW content off its platform on the 17th. A lot of people have moved to many different platforms so I made changes to my side links so you can now follow me on the new links and keep an eye on my recent content. Keep in mind that the 3 BEST places to get the latest information on me will be patreondiscord and of course this place (

No New Drawings This Month- Outside of 1 drawing for my patreon supporters this month will be pretty quiet in terms of new content and there is a VERY good reason for that. All I can say on the matter is that AEhentai and I are working very hard on the next XXX cartoon which will 100% come out in 2019. but in order for this to happen I need to dedicate the rest of this month in order to finish the last parts so please be patient it will be worth it.






NoZIMber- This is the last day of NoZIMber, I am VERY happy with the way this turned out. I think its safe to say my remastering quality gets better with every new drawing I make. It really saddens me to know Zimmerman isn’t around to see this, I deeply regret not doing something like this when he was alive. I like to think this drawing would have made his day…

I’ll be doing this again next NoZIMber


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